Relocation: Where do the British go and why.

Relocation: Where do the British go and why.

Relocating InternationallyAs the winter months roll on, rain lashing at the windscreen on the drive to work each morning, you may well find yourself dreaming of warmer climes. According to the Office of National Statistics, you would not be alone in this activity, as approximately 150,000 British Citizens leave the country every year. Unsurprisingly, many of them emigrate to countries with better weather and a higher standard of living than you will find in the UK.

The top destination for British ex-pats is Australia, where they find sun, sea and sand, not to mention an abundance of jobs with high wages. Brits relocating to Australia also get to benefit from shorter working days, leaving more time for hitting the beaches and barbequing!

Emigration to France and Spain has dropped slightly in recent years, possibly due to a decrease in British citizens retiring aboard as their budgets become more constrained in the economic downturn. However, emigration to Australia has remained high, likely because the Aussie economy has remained strong, in part thanks to increased demand for minerals from China.

It is also relatively easy for a British citizen to apply for a visa in Australia, with much fewer barriers to entry than other non-EU countries. One of the simplest ways of gaining Australian citizenship status, if you manage to gain employment, is to ask your employer to sponsor your citizenship application. The one caveat is that the employer is likely to want you to commit to a certain number of years working for the company.

After Australia, the second choice destination for international removals for Brits is the United States of America, where approximately 14,000 British citizens settle every year. Emigration to the states has remained fairly consistent over the last 5 years, though has previously lagged behind France and Spain in popularity. The obvious attractions are the abundance of high paying jobs for business professionals available on the economically vibrant East and West coasts. Gaining a visa for the USA is infamously difficult; however there are many ways British citizens can apply, including setting up a business in the States, be exceptional within a creative field or investing half a million into the US economy.

As would be expected, the main countries chosen by Brits looking to relocate are English speaking and very often part of the British Commonwealth such as Canada, South Africa and New Zealand. The ease of travel currently available makes relocation even easier, with cheap flights to and from continental Europe, and plenty of flight options globally, making it easy to visit relatives remaining in the UK.

Moving can also be a great opportunity to make changes to your lifestyle, meet people from a different culture and broaden your horizons. During times of economic turmoil, the ability and willingness to move also opens up a whole range of employment opportunities that might not be available in the UK alone.

If you’re sick of the winter blues, why not consider your relocation options. There are plenty of choices available, whatever your lifestyle requirements.

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