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Fuel allowances for expats to be investigated

It has been reported in two British newspapers (The Independent and The Telegraph) that there is a possibility that fuel allowances for UK pensioners living abroad may be reduced or removed. The UK coalition government are said to be ‘investigating’ this option as part of public spending cuts which are currently being planned. Despite these [...]
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Moving pets overseas: Stray dog rescued and moved to Scotland

If you are thinking about moving your pet overseas with you, you may be interested to hear this heart warming story about a stray dog called Dodo who moved to the UK this year. Carol and Steve Buyers from Aberdeen were on holiday in Mauritius when they found a malnourished and weak stray dog on [...]
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Singapore ranked best place for international relocation

Singapore has been rated as the top location for Asian expats on international relocation assignments. The country has the best quality of life for expatriates according to the annual ECA International Locations Ratings survey. Singapore achieved the top spot mainly due to its high quality infrastructure, low health risks and low crime rates among other [...]
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Norway & Australia are the best places to be a Mother

Australian and Norway both top the ranking of the world’s best places to be a Mum according to a survey entitled ‘State of the World’s Mothers Report 2010’. The study (or Mother’s Index) was undertaken by the charity Save the Children. In total 160 countries were evaluated, 43 developed countries and 117 developing nations.  In total, [...]
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UK immigration changes for marriage visas brought forward

A change in UK Immigration Law which the former Labour government had planned to introduce in July 2011, will now be brought forward to Autumn of this year. The new legislation will require immigrants moving overseas to marry UK nationals to prove that they have a basic command of English. The level of english language [...]
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How to deal with culture shock when moving overseas

The majority of people when moving overseas will experience a certain degree of culture shock. This can often be unexpected as our own culture is usually invisible to us. Culture shock may not affect you until a couple of weeks after you arrive at your new destination. The initial excitement of arriving in a new [...]
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Changes announced to the Australian Visa System

Amendments to the Australian visa system were announced last Friday by the Rudd Government. The fundamental aim of the changes is to simplify and streamline the visa application process and therefore make it easier for people applying for Australian visas in the future.  The changes which have been published are:  By 2010: the number of [...]
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1962 Exhibiting at the Liverpool Show to promote Overseas Removals

To the left are pictures of the John Mason stand at the Liverpool Show in 1962. The Show was held in the Liverpool suburb of Wavertree, a short walk away from the John Mason offices at the time. John Mason exhibited at this show on an annual basis from 1959 until 1965. The objective was to [...]
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The FIDI Academy: investment in staff training at John Mason International

The FIDI Academy is a service offered by the FIDI Global Alliance to its members. It provides high quality training for staff of FIDI member companies which will aid move managers when planning and co-ordinating overseas removals. John Mason International have been sending staff members to the Academy for many years and it is a [...]
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Public sector strike may affect people moving to Spain

If you are moving to Spain you may be affected by the recent public sector strikes which are being held in protest against the austerity measures announced by the Spanish government. Almost 80% of public workers in Spain were on strike yesterday. Around 2.5 million people in Spain work in the public sector, therefore the [...]
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